LAPL Misses You <3


In January of 2016, LAPL approached WAG to develop
a creative execution and media plan to promote their Amnesty Week,
which we dubbed LAPL Misses You.

Allowing patrons whose accounts had been frozen due to overdue fines to return their overdue
materials and have the slate wiped clean. We used a combination of earned, bought and owned
media to promote this 2-week event with great success.

In terms of design, our goal was to create a campaign that welcomed library patrons back to the library, taking
special care not to make patrons feel guilty or embarrassed for their overdue fees or frozen accounts.  
Since LAPL has a strong existing brand we had to create a format that allowed us to develop a fresh look
and feel that still hearkened to the existing branding and logo while also working in a bi-lingual format.

The Results:
• 64,633 overdue items were returned during the two week period,
including 4,115 lost items
• 13,701 patron cards were unblocked
• 7,297 new library cards were issued
• $682,936.99 in fines and fees were waived