In May of 2014 WAG began work with the CicLAvia team to redesign and reimagine their
existing website and communication tools while utilizing the long established brand
identity. Our goal was to develop and implement a web-strategy that met the needs of a
wide array of Los Angeles stake holders: Participants looking for event information, local
businesses curious how they can get involved in the event, residents concerned with
street closures and neighborhood impact. City Officials, sponsors, and organizations.

For us, CicLAvia represents a very unique opportunity for people (especially Angelenos)
to get out and explore their city in a new way- To see the streets from new perspectives.
To engage in actual human contact with other members of their community while also
getting a chance to connect with their environment in a way that we don’t often get to in
the never ending gridlock of this beloved urban metropolis.

Really, this is what we’re interested in; having a chance to help people get to
know their city just a little bit better by creating a more active, confident and
socially aware Angeleno.